Los Angeles 2019, where I attended Adobe MAX

What's good! I'm John Naboye, a Filipino-Canadian graphic designer based in Edmonton, Alberta. 
I'm a creative who likes to venture into multidisciplinary settings, respect and allude to cultures through design, and explore creative possibilities. In April 2021, I finished the Bachelor of Design program at MacEwan University. With roots in photography and videography, my design interests gravitate towards the visual communication realm, which includes branding, digital media, and time-based media (i.e. motion graphics).
I'm super ambitious in starting my own creative studio one day, but I'm also intrigued with the idea of going down the research route due to my interests in sociology, geography, and city planning. Since design exists in all aspects of society, I hope to bring these interests into my practice one day. 
Some fun facts about me:
• Second to design, I have a passion for music, primarily DJing and finding new beats.
• As a kid, I would avoid novels and read atlases, almanacs, and encyclopedias, which cultivated my interest in maps. 
• I was a Filipino folk dancer and teacher for 13 years where I travelled the world to compete and perform.
Branding & Corporate Identity Design  / Motion Graphics / Information Design / Social Media / Video Editing / Design Research 

Feel free to reach out for collaboration opportunities and freelance inquires!