Why is the Oliver community opposing their namesake after many decades?
This project is a capstone research project created by Quinton Wong and myself, with the supervision of Adolfo Ruiz from MacEwan University's Bachelor of Design program and Robyn Paches and Carolyn Stangeland from the Oliver Community League (OCL). The goal of our capstone project was to further build momentum for the OCL's social campaign (#UncoverOliver) and engage the public in a digestible manner. From our research, we decided to create an explainer video that could be released alongside important announcements relating to the campaign. The video and the social media content aim to reach not only the Oliver population, but also the whole city and beyond.
Special thanks to Adolfo Ruiz and the DESN415 class, the Oliver Community League, Hunter Cardinal, Joselito II De Los Angeles, Kerrtisy, and Austin Mihkwâw.

Capstone by John Naboye & Quinton Wong
Animation and Editing – John Naboye
Illustration & Social Media – Quinton Wong

Written by John Naboye, Quinton Wong, Robyn Paches, Carolyn Stangeland and Hunter Cardinal
Narrated by Hunter Cardinal
Supervision – Adolfo Ruiz, Robyn Paches, Carolyn Stangeland
Music and Sound – Joselito II De Los Angeles
Additional Photos – Kerrtisy, Austin Mihkwâw, and Unsplash. 
Social media posts; acts as promotional collateral for the video as well as additional content for the OCL
Overview of research and process. From left to right: DESN410 research, DESN415 process, Storyboard.

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