Roundhouse reached out to the Design Students Organization (DSO) to collaborate in the Vignettes Design Series Festival in Fall 2019. As graphic designers and visual communicators, physically engaging in the built environment was a new realm for all of us. Vignettes gave us an empty space in which we had to build and redecorate in just four months. This included conceptualizing, sourcing, cleaning, and building, all while we were taking classes.
We finished with the "Roundhouse Playhouse," a room that promotes collaboration and creativity. It became a hit, with our Instagramable murals being seen across social media, and our light box, which needed more than one person in order for the participants to see the whole message. The interactivity of the space also resembles the features that a co-working space (more specifically, Roundhouse) has to offer. 
Team: Dominic LaFrance, John Naboye, Angel Poon, Paul Porras, Jalyse Puk, Quinton Wong, Cam Zimmel
Conceptualization and preproduction
Photos of Instagrammers in front of our mural

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