The Karilagan Dance Society (KDS) is a non-profit Filipino-Canadian dance group based in Edmonton, Alberta. They aim to live and share the Filipino culture through the performing arts. The goal of this rebrand was to modernize the identity, while staying true to the cultural roots.
I decided to tap into the Philippines' history prior to colonization. Baybayin is an ancient Filipino script that was widely used in traditional Tagalog domains. When the Spanish colonized the Philippines, the Baybayin script was abolished and supplanted by the Latin alphabet. The symbol used in KDS' logo is the Baybayin letter for "Ka," representing the first syllable for "Karilagan." 
"Karilagan" is also a Filipino word meaning "splendor" or "beauty." The circle that surrounds the Baybayin letter represents a sun, a traditional symbol of beauty. The identity explores this beauty through the form of the traditional Baybayin.

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